Body Massage & Envelopments

Ease tension, alleviate the stresses and revive the senses.

Swedish Body Massage

Can be used to induce relaxation or to invigorate the system. The massage movements stimulate the circulation, helping to tone and firm and relax the muscles, improving lymphatic drainage and stimulating the removal of toxins from the body.

55 minutes


Relaxing Body Treatment

Using a combination of Pressure Point Massage, Swedish Massage and Hot Stones, this is a superbly relaxing treatment for both body and mind.

55 minutes


Warm Aroma Oil Treatment

We start by stimulating the circulation with body brushing and follow with a soothing application of warm aromatic oils to soothe the senses. A scalp massage completes the treatment leaving you relaxed and revitalised.

80 minutes


Marine Exfoliation

A stimulating, invigorating treatment to leave your skin beautifully soft and nourished. Using our marine exfoliation cream and body brushing, finishing with a sensuous Detox Massage Oil with Rosamax, refined using the most powerful rosemary plants with the highest anti-oxidant levels possible to boost elastin and hyaluronic production in the skin.

50 minutes


Mineral Mud Envelopement

This exquisite mineral mud experience will purify and balance. Valuable mineral salts help with fluid retention, detoxifies tissues and tightens the skin.

55 minutes


Marine Exfoliation & Mineral Mud Envelopment

Combine the two treatments for the ultimate indulgence.

70 minutes


Detox Body Wrap

Combining body brushing and contouring bandages soaked in natural sea clay, this detoxifying wrap leaves the skin feeling supple, soft and revitalised.

60 minutes